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About Masjid Al-Abrar Beruwala

Masjidul Abrar Jumma mosque of Beruwala

The Beruwala Maradana Masjidul Abrar Jumma mosque is a reminiscent of the first Muslim settlement created with the advent of Muslims in Sri Lanka. it is a symbol of the relationship Muslims have with Beruwala.

Muslims in Sri Lanka believe that this is the first mosque built by Muslims and it believed to date back to 920 AD. According to the book Sunahar (authored by J C Vansandem), the name Beruwela may have evolved from Be-Ruwala which means the dropping or folding of the sails by Arab Muslims who arrived by ship in the Bay.

The Muslims who originally settled in the coastal areas of Beruwela are believed to have extended further inland to the village areas due to the hospitality by the Sinhala community. History reveals that they settled in Pinhera in this manner. They are said to have built a mosque truly for their prayers. Although the mosque is not seen today, there is a land called Palliyawatte in the area.

Since it is compulsory for Muslims to say prayers five times a day, wherever they may beit is a custom for them to build even a small building to engage in prayers. The Mosques built near Beruwela and Pinhera are now non-existent. The Maradana Mosque which had been rehabilitated regularly over the years, it proudly represents the history of Muslims in Sri Lanka.

At a ceremony to mark the first Arab settlement held in June 8, 2013, two commemorative stamps were launched by the Postal Department. Although the date of the setting up the mosque is unclear, it can be remembered according to the available information that its origin was before 920 AD.

A pond built in front of this masjid at that time still adds to the beauty of its surroundings.

This was the only Masjid which existed in Beruwela almost a century ago. The present appearance was created when it was rehabilitated in 1986 by late Deshamanya Al Haj M A Balveer Muskar, former MP and Southern Province Governor. It has facilities to accommodate 3000 devotees at a time.

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