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Abrar Mosque Beruwala (Founded 920AD)

Oldest Mosques in Sri Lanka

Here are some fascinating details and photos of the oldest mosques in Sri Lanka. We compiled this article from available historical records and information from local community and national sources.

Historians cannot always be absolutely certain of the precise dates when even some of these mosques featured here were first built. Yet for centuries prayer services are performed every day in them in the same manner shown by prophet Muhammad (PBUH) more than 1400 years ago. If you happen to be near them you might hear the call for prayer or Azaan five times a day calling the Muslims to stop what they are doing and be present for the prayers of the Almighty Lord.

Abrar Mosque Beruwala (Founded 920AD)

Abrar Mosque in Beruwala is the oldest mosque in Sri Lanka according to official sources and traced historical documents. Available oldest documents indicate it to be constructed in 920 AD, making it nearly 1100 years old. On June 8, 2003 a stamp was issued by the Government of Sri Lanka featuring this mosque, to mark the first Arab settlement in the country.

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Old photo of Abaar Mosque
This historic mosque has been rebuilt extensively overtime with little attention paid to preserve any historical aspects or artifacts. In 1893 the roof was propped up by large round pillars. They were demolished in 1986 when the present front facade was rebuilt to accommodate 3000 worshipers at a time.

There is a very large and interesting water pond in front, said to be centuries old with green color but very pure water. This pond is used for performing the Islamic ritual washing by devotees before prayers.

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